• November 14, 2019

The School that Really Happens to be the Best

Choosing the first school or new children’s school is no easy task for parents. It is necessary to evaluate both the values ​​that are indispensable for the family and the financial value, remembering that other factors such as distance, traffic and methodology also change this balance. Make a visit to and you will know that you have to come to the right place. When visiting, do not forget to consider some items:


It is important to analyze what the weight of religion is to the family and whether school orientation can interfere with home-based education. Be sure of the religion followed by the institution before enrollment so that there are no problems in the future.

Graduate Team

Teacher education weighs heavily on the choice of educational institution. Evaluate staff selection policy, minimum education level required, and investment in continuing education to keep educators up to date.


Be aware of the school’s pedagogical proposal and how it is applied. Extracurricular activities and the teaching of other languages ​​are also differential to evaluate.

Exhibition of works

Children do not always tell or show everything they did during the school day, so some institutions choose to show it to parents in the form of exposure in common areas or during meetings. The works done in the classroom that go to the exhibition serve to generate pride in the students who performed it, as well as being a materialization of teaching for parents.


Whether the school is near or far from your home and traffic are important issues to consider. If the child is young, she tends to sleep along the way and this may influence sleep later. Having a snack before going home can be an option for little ones.

Do the math

In addition to the tuition fee, other expenses such as extra-curricular classes, snacks and meals need to be tipped. This allows you to arrive at the real value of the school and the impact it will have on your budget.


Is creativity important to you? Consider this when visiting the facility’s premises and furniture. The arrangement of tables and chairs, leisure space and teacher guidance weigh heavily on this issue.

Differentiated look

Regardless of the size of the school, it is important to understand how class and team segmentation is done. A large college, for example, can divide management so that students have broad attention and care throughout their time in school. Evaluate whether there is a team that provides psychological support and can help with difficult issues for children.

School Size

Consider whether you prefer a school that focuses on a particular phase of a child’s life or would choose one that meets every year in the same space. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

High School

If the change happens during high school, check if there is a schedule for the National High School Exam, technical training or other specific education and how it happens.

Pedagogical Proposal

The most important point when choosing the right school for your child is to evaluate the educational proposal of the educational institution. It is at this moment that you will have the opportunity to know the adopted pedagogical line, the teaching didactics and the evaluation methods.

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