composite decking cost
  • February 9, 2020

Look for the Best choices in Garden Decking

Composite wood makes it possible to play the apprentice’s decorators thanks to a range of more important colors than that of solid wood. From reddish brown to anthracite gray through stone tones, the range of colors tinted in the mass allows it to stand out and harmonize with the exterior decoration of the house. There are also ranges of panels to match the terrace. With the composite decking cost you can now expect the best in garden decking.

Installation of a wooden terrace

Diagnose the floor to choose the appropriate laying method. Thus, the installation of a terrace can be carried out on hard floor tiles, concrete on stable ground gravel, clay or on an unstable ground freshly backfilled, not yet packed, sandy, clayey.

Depending on the case, the joist pieces of wood will be fixed directly in the slab or fixed on concrete studs or adjustable PVC studs. To ensure the solidity of the structure always uses joists of the same material as the boards.

If the traditional pose consists of putting the boards perpendicular to the joists, other aesthetic possibilities exist. Lying in length, width, V, diagonal, diamond point, in all cases, it is important that the boards are not sided by side; an expansion space is necessary for the wood as for the composite.

Similarly, it is necessary that they are well ventilated to let the wood breathe and isolate it from the humidity on the ground while promoting the flow of water rain, cleaning, swimming pool. If the evacuation of the water is not done correctly, the disorders can be multiple going up to the rotting of the structure and therefore to the collapse of the terrace.

PVC studs

Adjustable, they make it possible to make up for an offset in the flatness of the ground.


Always give preference to the visible or invisible stainless steel screw. The size of the screws must be 3 times greater than the thickness of the board. Pre-drill the fixing points at the end of the board to avoid cracks and position the screws at least 25 mm from the edges.


More aesthetic, they fit between the boards and are fixed to the joists. Risks of “jumping” are, however, to be feared for blades whose width exceeds 120 mm. Prefer clip-on systems with visible screws to facilitate disassembly. Clips sometimes present on modular slab systems ensure easier assembly. Metallic or light strips and recessed spots will personalize and enhance the terrace

composite decking cost

Maintenance of a wooden terrace

For solid wood: Remember to clean the terrace well with a broom to reduce the risk of slipping and reduce dullness. Use oils and saturators to renovate the patio if it is not planned to keep the natural appearance of the wood which gets gray over time. The high-pressure cleaner should be avoided.

For composite wood: Regular maintenance with a broom is largely sufficient. Do not apply oil or stains to the composite as this may enhance the slipperiness of the product.

Wood knots: If possible, use knot-free blades. They have better resistance. According to some, the knots can break the aesthetic balance of the terrace because the gaze wears on it automatically.

Depending on your decorating desires, choose a composite wood deck in dark gray, mouse gray or brown color. Our parquet floors offer you the 100% recyclable ORSA composite blade. Composite wood decking boards have many advantages. Indeed, they are resistant to water, termites, fungi.

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