How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Summary Dale Carnegie
  • September 13, 2019

What is the meaning of life and can it be taught?

But the dream kept him in this life. When a significant amount of $ 500 was accumulated from the sale of bacon, soap, and bacon, Carnegie invested it in his own school of oratory and stage skills. And then success came to him. During the Great Depression, thousands of people were waiting for the very guru who would help them recover the lost capital. So the guru became Dale Carnegie. His fees grew every month, and invitations to performances flew from all over America. You can learn the art of living with the How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Summary Dale Carnegie .

In 1936, Dale Carnegie’s most famous book, How to Make Friends and Influence People, was published. The main slogan of the book is believed that you will succeed and you will achieve it. From his own experience, Dale Carnegie told people that, in spite of all obstacles, in spite of the fact that you may seem different to them, you may like, and you can become a successful and respected person. This Dale Carnegie book has become one of the world’s most famous bestsellers.

The History of Camegie

Carnegie became a megastar in the United States, giving advice to everyone and in all areas, businessmen in business, farmers in agriculture, women and men in personal relationships. And few knew that for Carnegie himself, personal life was a failure, his first marriage ended in divorce, the second marriage was unhappy for Dale, but not for the public, for whom he played a happy family man. He played because the papers showed that a huge part of his income was owned by his wife.

The end of Dale Carnegie’s life was just as sad. Doctors made him a disappointing diagnosis, Hodgkin’s disease lymphogranulomatosis, a malignant disease that affects the lymphatic system, treatment failed, he thought about suicide again. November 1, 1955, Dale Carnegie, a successful oratory trainer, a master of positive thinking and a well-paid the consultant has settled accounts with life.

130 years ago, on November 24, 1888, Dale Harbison Carnegie was born the creator of what we now call personal growth pieces of training and the spiritual father of many current coaches who offer to change themselves to change the world.

Carnegie himself, perhaps, succeeded.

To begin with, he changed the spelling of his surname to become the exact namesake of steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. It was he who built the famous Carnegie Hall in New York, where Dale Carnegie will still collect full houses. Such a name, of course, casts a reflection of success on the carrier.

Dale Carnegie’s biography looks like a self-help handout. A young man from a poor farm in Missouri, who, due to lack of money for a hostel, rode every day to learn to teach a teacher, practicing oratory on the way. A loser actor who earned the first serious money by teaching others what he knew how to do – to speak to the public.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Summary Dale Carnegie

A typical American success story at least shoots a movie.

Moreover, the circumstances in which Carnegie opens public speaking courses are very dramatic. The last pennies in your pocket, life in a hostel of Christian youth, where the first classes took place, 80% of the proceeds from which Carnegie promised the manager it would look profitable in any scenario.

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