Blocked Drain Kent
  • April 5, 2021

What are the signs of Blocked drainage?

Blocked drainage can be a major problem for anyone and can ruin the complete house. It is a matter of concern and this problem should be taken seriously. Block drainage can happen in any pipe after several periods of time and it should be cleared at proper timing otherwise it can result in a very serious problem.

One major question that arises here is about how one will know if there is blockage or not. However, there are few signs by which one can say or predict that there is a drainage blockage problem and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The signs are a kind of warning that you should start cleaning now, otherwise it can create a huge problem in the future.

Before reaching any conclusion everyone should know about the signs and then check if the pipes are really blocked or not. This sign makes your work easy as well as it also helps to save your expenses.

Let’s look upon some signs of the Blocked Drain Kent .

Foul smell

There are many things that flow from the drainage pipe mostly there is the waste material of the house. But when the waste material flows than the smell will not come out of the pipe because it is covered in the pipe. But when due to the extensive flow of the waste material or sometimes if something huge is stuck then the path of the pipe is blocked hence called a drainage block.

Blocked Drain Kent

As you know that it is drainage blocking so when it is blocked then the smell is so bad that it becomes intolerable. When you experience this type of foul smell from your drainage pipe then you will know that there is some kind of blockage. However, the smell can be for other reasons too, so for more confirmation also look at other signs.


Overflowing is one of the very common signs of drainage block it usually happens when due to a lot of flow of waste material the path of the pipe is blocked then the remaining waste cannot flow through it causing the pipe to burst and flow all the remaining waste material.

This sign is kind of alarming that it is time to remove the waste material and clear the path of the pipe.

Gurgling sound

It often happens that when the pipe is blocked and more water cannot get in there then the water pushing the pipe to get inside makes some kind of sound. The sound is loud enough that if you are standing next to the pipe then you can easily hear it.

This sound clearly means that the water flow is not able to get inside and thus the sound comes.

Slow drainage

When more water is not able to get inside the pipe or when it takes more time to fall the water from the pipe then there is some kind of blockage. Due to the blockage of the water, the water starts to get collected on the sink or to the pipe. So whenever you see or notice slow drainage then check your pipe if it is blocked or not.

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