mobility scooters bristol
  • April 4, 2021

Varieties of mobility scooters

Revolution in mobility scooters is in progress and day by day new inventions are releasing to produce a drastic model with many additional innovations and support. Let’s see some of the varieties of mobility scooters bristol .

mobility scooters bristol

Mobility Scooters with 300W motor

It is framed in steel aluminium. Its power rate of the motor ranges from 500w-1500w. its weight is 300kg. it looks like a mini car. It has a battery capacity of 48V per 20 AH lead-acid battery. Its charge per range is 85-100 km. its charge voltage is AC70V-90V. its maximum speed is from 25 – 35 km per hour. Its net weight is 158 kg and the size of packaging is 1380*640*660mm. it has a conveyance of Quantity 20-inch FCL for 22pcs and quantity 40 inch HQ for 46 pcs.

Indoor 3 wheel Scooter

Three-wheel scooters come as a supplement to the four-wheel models. It is configured with two back wheel drive and the front single wheel steering. There are anti-tip wheels for safety purpose. It is the best product for smooth and level surfaces. It is used mainly for indoor usage for moving inside the house and it can’t be used on the rough surface of the garden and park. Its weight is less and its cost is less when compared to four-wheel scooters.

Easy Move Electrical EM29B Two Seater Handicapped Mobility Scooter

Its model is EM29B. its brand is easy to move and its speed is 13km per hour. Its type is revolving and adjustable. Its turning radius is 250 cm and its carrying capacity is 250 kg. its size is 184 cm in length and 72 cm weight and it has a motor power of 1200W and 24 motor voltage. Its Net weight of the battery is 195 kg and has a maximum gradient of 12 degrees. With 2 seater capacity and 3.2-inch ground clearance. It has a high intensity LED front and rear lighting. It is fully electrical and has zero emission. It has an adjustable seat with 2 fashionable designs.

Electrical Ostrich Mobility Scooter

It has the colours of red and hybrid and its speed is 13KMPH and it has the speed capacity of 120 kg of rear drive wheels. It is a non-foldable model and mobility aid to configure the wheelchair or scooter. It is called a power-operated vehicle.

Motorized scooter

It is modelled on an internal combustion engine with a large deck in the centre for standing while riding. E-scooters are very popular. It is an eco-friendly vehicle. It is used for short distances and the kids enjoy these types of vehicles for riding and spending their time on the happy ride. There is a lot of demand for electrical scooters, especially for kids. While comparing with other bigger vehicles it is compact and portable to handle and enjoy. Kids can handle themselves. It is highly safe and good for health, when the rider went out for a ride to enjoy nature they can experience a different feel of aesthetic pleasure in riding.

These electric scooters are very useful to the human sector to save time, energy and become healthier to gain strength. Its advantages are more and it can be used by all sorts of people from kids to adult. It is a great opportunity to use these eco-friendly scooters.

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