make a hard cover book
  • October 22, 2019

Tips For Landing A Publishing Contract

You are looking for a writer and editor to publish your book. No rush, do not burn the steps. It is better to take your time and do things in the rules of art to put the odds on your side. Currently, out of 6,000 manuscripts sent by mail to publishers, only one is published. So, how to get this precious publishing contract? Here are 10 tips that will help you at least avoid falling into some traps. You can now make a hard cover book also.

Write For Yourself

make a hard cover book

Write for you, not for others. This is the first tip, which may seem obvious but is too often ignored or dodged. Do not write to be loved, write to meet your needs. to write is personal. Just like in the theater where you immediately unmask the actor who plays to amuse the gallery or to make you cry, and in the company of which we will necessarily have a bad time, we also immediately feel the author who writes to please. Do not try to please, try to please yourself, follow your instincts, this is the key to please us.

Writing: Get Help

It is sometimes difficult to find oneself alone with one’s manuscript. The sight is cloudy and one begins to lose objectivity. If you are down if you have problems organizing and structuring your story it may be interesting for you to go through a writing workshop before continuing to write your book.

Reread And Reread

The first thing to do is to read again. It is a job that must be done alone, calmly and conscientiously. Expert says: there is not a page in one of the books that you have not reread carefully at least forty times. Then, it is important to get reread, by his family first and if it is possible: family, friends. They will tell you if your story holds true, if they found inconsistencies and finally what they liked and less liked, which will eventually allow you to return to writing. They will also allow you to put your finger on shells that you no longer see.

But above all, do not hesitate to entrust your manuscript to big readers in your entourage. They will be able to give you a more informed opinion, especially on the rhythm, your style, etc. After this step, you will have been able to correct the form misspellings, grammar, typography and the bottom inconsistencies, rhythm, etc.

Involve a Corrector

Nothing is more annoying for a publisher than to begin reading a manuscript riddled with faults. You will have almost no chance of being read. So it’s better to give all the time needed to correct your manuscript and track down any spelling, grammar, conjugation, check punctuation, syntax and typography.

Indeed, contrary to what many believe, the role of a publisher is not to correct your manuscript. Its role is primarily to accompany you, from editorial advice to the promotion of your book. Obviously, it will correct shells if there are any, but your book must be corrected before being sent to a publisher. If you are not the king of spelling, we advise you to get closer to a professional proofreader and ask for a quote for the correction of your book. This will save you from receiving a firm and definitive no upon receipt of your manuscript.

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