gilet homme original
  • October 1, 2019

The Finest Choices for the Men’s vests

It is not difficult to know how to wear men’s vests. The rules are basic and result in a look that transforms any man. See the tips not to make mistakes. This is true for the gilet homme original also.

gilet homme original

Women inevitably end up having a lot more looks at their disposal when compared to men. Even some men’s pieces have been incorporated into women’s fashion. On the other hand, many men still feel insecure in front of a shop window that presents them with different and more modern pieces and accessories. However, the habit of always wearing the same clothes is changing in male behavior. Today, it is easy to see that many men are allowing themselves to dare more in their clothing. The Men’s vests are already quite traditional pieces, but they still raise doubts about the correct way to wear them.

  • The masculine look is totally changed with the use of the vests. The man is modern and relaxed, although this type of clothing is so old in the men’s wardrobe. Not to mention, of course, the elegance and style of the piece. With changing habits and the influence of fashion, wearing men’s vests is extremely practical and versatile. They go well with shoes, sneakers, tailored pants or jeans, shorts, shirts and t-shirts. Just take some care when it comes to combining them.

Those who remember the male vest used to see it as a formal accessory, not today. We currently have dozens of models for men and styles for all tastes, this is the reinvention that he went through and won over the young. Let’s cover all this until the end.

Where to buy

Fast fashion stores always have available: Renner, Marisa, Leader, C&A, Zara or Riachuelo. In Colombo, TNG and Vila Romana find the social separately or together with a suit. The Adidas, Timberland, Oakley, Nike, Reserva, and Columbia brands sell nylon vests, while jeans at Levi’s and Hering. The Hollister, Gap and Abercrombie hooded sweatshirt are fashionable this winter.

Looks with men’s vest

Nothing like winter and summer looks to get inspired when dressing up. There is no season to use, be it hot or cold what will change is just the fabric.

Men’s Vests Models

Over the years menswear has been changing, each decade a specific model stood out. You have the social in tailoring, knitting made of wool, nylon is also known as quilted or down, jeans, slim fit and leather. You can dress in many different styles. Just choose where to wear according to the environment.

How to use

In-country fashion it suits mainly with a checkered shirt, boots, jeans, you can use both the nylon and leather models. The nylon one was a trend in the ’80s, but they came back with everything that year. The black and gray colors make it easy to match any other piece. Even navy blue and beige, but beware of flashy colors.

Strong trend in men’s winter, a hooded vest is a good choice on cold days. Denim is nothing to talk about because it’s a wild card. The social version in the 60s was very successful with suits, but today is little used and is restricted to formal occasions. Still it suits social shirts and t-shirts.

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