Power to Choose energy
  • August 18, 2020

The field of a thing that surrounds us in everything

Power to Choose energy

We can get energy in any were. The world can get a lot of connections toward energy. In the modern situation, we get chemical energy, nuclear energy, thermal energy, sound energy, gravitational energy, elastic energy, radiation energy, solar energy, etc. In the modern world, we want a lot of energy if the energy doesn’t the world will switch like a cell phone. We should meet the need and know the Power to Choose energy Let me classified how energy works in the world with us.

  • Chemical energy

It was introduced by JOSIAH WILLARD GIBBS. The compounds between the atom and molecules bond it is called chemical energy. It requires a bond atom together. Energy will realize when the bonds or broken. There are two types of Endothermic and Exothermic.

  • Nuclear energy

It was introduced by Enrico Fermi. Atomic energy is known as nuclear energy. 10% of the world is nuclear electricity. It generated energy day and night. And no greenhouse gasses. It is the most expensive for the built nuclear power plant. There is 440 nuclear plant in the world they must be replaced in 2050.

  • Thermal energy

Thermal energy was invited by James Prescott Joule. It can convert heat energy into electrical energy. There are 47% of the thermal plant in the world. It makes the off half the world. Thermal energy can be dealing with temperature. When it’s was so much cool in that place the thermal energy can help with the heat.

  • Sound energy

It was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. He is a great article and an Italian thinker. Sound is a vibration or waves it can travel three states of matter solid, liquid, gas. It will be started at a mechanic movement. While if you hit something like durum, it causes some molecular vibrate it cause to other molecular vibrate. It helps the sound to travel.

  • Gravitational energy

Sir Isaac Newton who was introduced the Gravitational Energy. It is the best discovery of Newton. By the body acquire the energy of its position in the gravitational field. It produces the potential energy and kinetic energy. When something falls in potential energy with a zero kinetic energy when it was in the air it has potential energy and loss kinetic energy, when it reaches the earth it loses potential energy and gains kinetic energy.

  • Elastic energy

Elastic energy was invited by Robert Hook in 1660. It is the energy that can be store in the elastic objects when it is compressed. In normal static, there was no potential energy, when it is compressed or stretched there will be the potential energy established.

  • Radiation energy

It was discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. It is also called radiant potential energy. Radiation energy can be transmitter but electromagnetic waves. If I take some wire, or a rope it contains waves that wave can have some distance also have some frequency.

  • Solar energy

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel invites the Solar energy in 1839. Solar means sun, energy means the energy of the sun. They receive a lot of heat from the sun day by day. We can convert solar energy to electricity, then we can convert into heat energy, potential energy, and kinetic energy. Nowadays lot of people can use solar energy

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