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  • June 20, 2019

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Researchers analyzed over 300,000 matches played in the USA and Europe. They were interested in the emotions of the fans, which they assessed on the basis of how big the chances were that the theoretically weaker team would win. It turned out that most of these types of surprises happened in football. That’s why this sport discipline enjoys so much interest scholars have said. The use of the check this out is also there.

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Football is unpredictable because although it has clear rules of the game and the referee’s decisions are usually clear, it is impossible to predict who will be the winner because gathering great players does not always mean that the team is good. A weaker team can win a match, sports psychologist.

Football is not lacking in football because it is a team game in which teams behave like rival tribes. And this competition is in our DNA. The hunter-gatherer ancestors had to move when food ended, and often fought with other tribes for territory. Football is a metaphor for this old lifestyle.

And why football is more interested in men than women?

Because men have a need to compete in the blood, and women are more likely to cooperate. This competition can be seen during the game. There are 22 guys filled with testosterone on the pitch, which is boiling in them. Every footballer wants to win, take the ball to the opponent, show who the mountain is. But on the other hand, every football player knows that he cannot be a star because he plays in a team and only in the team can he win. Man as a social being works best in a group. Already at the end of the 19th century, it was possible to explain why cyclists ride faster in the group than alone. And it was not about the technique; it was about the psychological effect. They feel better in the team because they can then check.

  • Research has shown that during the match, both the players and the fans are elevated, the blood circulates quickly, the pressure rises, the concentration of the stress hormone increases. A spiral of emotion winds up. The simple physical contact between players also raises emotions. Whether these emotions move towards euphoria or aggression depends on the match and temperament of the player and supporter.

Emotions are effectively heated long before the match. Social media allow you to easily build relationships with players. We can follow almost every step of each player. The camera goes everywhere. So much is happening not only on the pitch. Then we get to know the players and identify with them. It is easier to identify with the team than with a single player because in the team it is easier to find someone whose characteristics suit us. The players are also close to us because they often started out in the yard next to us. We feel a bond with them, and it seems that we understand them more easily.

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