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  • December 2, 2019

Smart Choices for the Bolt Making and Usages

Thread able polypropylene pipes allow for safe and easy installation of drinking water networks. Thanks to its thread, it can be connected to existing copper pipe systems. In this guide, you will learn about the characteristics and possibilities of the use of these pipes. The use of the products from the a325 bolt manufacturer happens to be essential here.

Characteristics of threaded polypropylene tubing

Thread able polypropylene pipes and fittings are made up of thermoplastics obtained by propylene polymerization, under strict temperature and pressure control. This material, together with its thermal fusion molecular fusion bonding system, results in a system of pipes and fittings for conducting fluids at high temperatures and pressure under the most demanding conditions. While the PVC pipe must operate at a maximum temperature of 60° C, the threadable polypropylene pipe does not change to 120° C, maintaining its stability. Under the PVC pipe must work at not more than 60°, the threaded polypropylene does not change up to 120°, maintaining its dimensional stability.


This type of pipe does not allow welding, solvents or other types of adhesive glue.

Fittings are of the same material and incorporate a metal ring on each joint, which allows hermetic closure at the pipe end. They can be joined together with pipes and metal elements.

Some features and advantages of thread able polypropylene pipes:

  • No corrosion.
  • Greater resistance to hot water and water pressure.
  • Mechanical, reusable, quick and safe connections to install.
  • Absolute portability of transported water.
  • Warmer water in less time.
  • Excellent impact resistance.
  • Silent installations.
  • Excellent performance in seismic areas.
  • Minimal loss of pressure.
  • Easy transport and installation.
  • Abrasion resistance allowing high speeds.

How to calculate the amount of material required?

To determine the number of pipes required, the linear meters of each duct circuit of the projected plane must be summed. To determine the connections, it is necessary to count the joints, the deviations, the bifurcations and the angles of that circuit.

Usage Tips

  • If you need to bend the pipes, have to do with thermal blower and not with direct flame.
  • It is recommended to minimize the number of bends in the installation.
  • The cuts should be perpendicular to the pipe axis.

Safety Tips

It is preferable that the installation is done by a technician. For any work you wish to perform, you must cut off the transported fluid supply to prevent accidents.


a325 bolt manufacturer

Within the traditional fittings used in this type of pipes are:

  • Knees
  • Male and female threaded gloves
  • CAP
  • Junction
  • Nipples
  • Terminals
  • Unions
  • Seals for taps and registers

To learn more about the accessories you need at the time of installation, visit the online store guide.

Where to use thread able polypropylene pipes?

Thread able polypropylene pipes are used in home installations, hospital services, heating, agriculture, industrial fluid installations and compressed air. They are ideal for the transmission of hot and cold bleach. They can be installed so that they are visible, embedded or hidden in vertical and horizontal pipe paths. It is one of the alternatives used today to replace copper as well as PEX and CPVC.

The ideal is always to use longer pipes, to not have to be connecting a smaller pipe in the other. If the number of pipes and connections is too large and a problem happens, it will take you a long time to figure out where the problem is. Also, it may be that the fittings were poorly made or else they may wear out or accumulate air and water.

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