Blocked Drain Essex
  • April 5, 2021

Most common causes of blocked drains

Today almost all people are troubled by blocked drains. It seems a little troublesome in the beginning, but if it is not fixed, then it becomes a big problem. If you have fixed this problem in the beginning then it will not become a big problem. In this article today we will throw light on some of the main causes of Blocked Drain Essex .

Blocked Drain Essex

Let us know what the main reasons for blocked drains are.

  1. Hair -Hair is one of the main causes of blocked drains. Hair breaks for all humans. If long hair is stuck in the drains, it can prove to be more dangerous. To prevent this, keep checking from time to time whether the hairs are stuck in the drains or not. If the hair is stranded, think of a solution to remove them immediately.
  2. Food and waste – Never let the remaining food go inside the drain. Even if there is a garbage disposal in your sink, do not let food or any remaining items go inside the drain. If any remaining item gets trapped inside the drain then it can become a big problem for you. So avoid it as much as you can.
  3. Small solid objects -If a solid object accidentally went into your drain and got stuck there, it could become a big problem for you. You should be very careful not to let the smallest item go inside the drain. Even if it goes away, try to get it out immediately.
  4. Plants and leaves -Plants and leaves can be a major threat to the outdoor drains of your home. Sometimes the leaves go inside the drain and stop the drain. If the problem is not very big, then this problem can be solved easily. But if this problem is very big, then you should seek the help of a professional for this.
  5. Grease and fat – This is also a big reason for the drains to stop. Many people think that pouring hot water is a good solution, but it is not really that good.

It sticks to the drains and slowly stops the drain. The simplest way to stop this is that simply keep a watchful eye over the liquids you choose to wash away down the drain.

  1. Paper products – Whether it is a diaper or toilet paper or facial tissue, all these can also become a major cause of stagnant drainage. Sometimes they do not disintegrate in the drain, but instead of disintegrating, they get stuck in the drain. Things like baby diapers are made of cotton due to which the drains easily stop.
  2. Tree Roots – Trees may look good only, but when it comes to stopping the drain, it can also become a big threat to the drains. If the root of any tree has gone too deep, it can also enter inside the pipe. Along with this, pipes can also crack. The simplest solution to this is to seek the help of a professional.

So in this post, we learned about blocked drains. And we also learned what are the reasons that cause the drainage to stop.

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