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  • September 11, 2020

Increase the cases in the family court remains unsolved

There are many cases that remain unsolved in the family courts. Now for the young generation, the divorce is the easy word they are taking this method of an easy one.

JSBell & Partners

JSBell & Partners  are the most famous divorce lawyers in Dallas they all remain the not solve the many cases. This is all because of the generation changes. And fashion is also a reason. At that time the only policy is the one man for one woman. With this policy, there is no need for the divorce the problem accruing between them is solved by the talking and solved by the parents of both of them.

If there is poor behaviour with anyone so that the divorce is necessary. The divorce men and the women have all the right to remarriage another man or woman. This is the law. But nowadays a man can with affection with many girls and the girls can with affection with many men. This is not good for society. This is called to be as generation changes. A man from one family gets married to a woman. That woman is the only assets for that men. He should not get affected by the other women this is our country’s law. The law of the country is said only. This is also the same for the girls.

So this is all because of the generation changes and foreign culture. On my date of words, I said this as wrong. It could not be controlled but by the way of the consoling, it could be rectified. So the main aim of the family court to the divorce case is to giving the counselling session to those couples. When talking openly on the brunch all the problems can get solved. The ego classes are the main to comes to that position we should overcome that. The counselling session is conducted by the psychologist and they are very good in their profession. They took the couple to there clinic and talk them brunch. The maximum problem is to be solved because of the sitting. They told to come for 3 sitting only a few people understood the uses of the counselling but the many of them hesitated this. Many problems is to be simple and they are in the be in the egos but the doctor is the very good speaker that they realize the problem and the solution to it. So the counseling section is very important.

But nowadays most of them are not ready to attend the counselingsection.. because they don’t like that the third person to interfere in their problem. So they don’t want to attend the section. So they are not cooperative with the counseling and they after took the matter to the court. The court tells it to be joined together. But they are not ready for that so the court finally gave the divorce to that couple. After the divorce the very next month they get the remarriage with others this is all because of the cultural variation and the generation. So the many cases is still unsolved.

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