• June 5, 2019

How to start learning to the position (SEO)? The Right Answer

Recently, there are more and more questions on SEO groups about where to start positioning. In many cases the SEO experts send back to the forums first, forgetting, however, that on the forum the beginner section itself has over 600 pages of threads. What else 10 years ago, when it was actually possible to devote a few days to review the most important topics to know what to eat. Shooting in threads from many years ago does not give anything. SEO changes and develops so intensively that it is best to catch the basics as soon as possible and only then to join discussions on the forums. A visit to www.folkd.com/user/foogleseo offers you the perfect deal.

Today’s entry is designed to gather in one place the most important materials to help you master the foundations of positioning, and then be up to date with what is happening in the industry.

SEO courses and training


It is the easiest and fastest (though not the cheapest) way of acquiring knowledge about positioning. The subject matter of the training is very general and aims at introducing the participants to the basics of SEO. Others, in turn, focus on selected issues. Below is a collection of courses and training, with offers to learn about.

Positioning course for beginners:  For main advantages consider the opportunity to take a course at any time (sending material begins just after signing up for the course) and to gather the most important information in a “pill”, so you can quickly acquire a solid foundation of SEO. Attaching a practical task to each lesson allows you to catch practical experience. The course is updated every few months;

Positioning course for intermediate: this is a continuation of the above e-mail course, this time regarding broad positioning based on the example of e-commerce websites. Also, this material contains practical tasks; however, they are focused on independent work more than in the case of a beginner’s course. This material is also regularly updated. Both courses are also available in the package.

Online training “Earn money on SEO audits” – this is the second edition of the training launched a few years ago, which you can learn step by step to prepare an SEO audit. It also contains an editable template to submit an audit for the client’s needs, as well as sheets enabling the analysis of about 150 ranking factors;

SEO and link building: In the nearest edition, it takes place in several cities. According to the information on the page, The morning part focuses on website optimization, SEO copywriting, as well as technical aspects of optimized websites. The afternoon part is all you need to know about new SEO and getting links in line with Google guidelines.

Xann training: in this case several pieces of training are available – both general from positioning and dedicated to specific issues, e.g. a separate training from White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The Black Hat SEO workshops are also available. These training take place several times a year (a few of them also in April this year) and are operated stationary.

In addition to the above training, different training centres offer several e-mail courses and video training.

Elliot Macknair

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