• September 23, 2019

How to increase or decrease the volume of a song or effect

Some audio editors and managers such as Audition and Audacity allow you to adjust the volume of songs in your collection before they are incorporated into the video, but this can also be done in the editing part of the materials in these programs themselves. or in a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. You can make a visit to Https://  to know the best deals for the same now.

Increasing or decreasing the volume of the songs and sounds you choose for your videos is extremely simple if you know where to start. One of the most widely used audio editing programs today is Audition, for the amount of features it offers and its easy integration with Premiere, both programs from Adobe.

Controlling the volume of sounds in this program is extremely simple. To control the volume of the file as a whole, just use the small circle on the left side of the audio control part. With it you can adjust the decibels precisely and greatly increase or decrease the audio. What’s more, whether in Audition or most other video editing programs, you can control audio through the volume line itself that appears on the file’s editing timeline.

If you want a detailed visual instruction on how to control sound volume and make other minor edits, read the specific article on audio editing.

Apps and programs to put music in videos

If you’ve chosen your music but don’t know how to integrate it with your videos yet? Here are two app suggestions for you to do on your own smartphone, and two editing software to work on your computer.


If you use the Android operating system, we recommend the Video Show app. This app is free and allows you to insert audio into your videos and make other basic edits like cutting and merging files. If you have an Apple device with iOS, the tip is to use Splice. The app is free and also lets you do other basic edits like inserting text, cutting and adding filters to videos.

Editing programs


If you are familiar with videos, understand editing and need to make more complete adjustments, or want a wider range of effects and tools, expert suggests you move to a professional program such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.

Do not give up the quality of sounds

Last but not least, our last tip is: don’t give up the quality of your music. Noisy songs, poorly recorded or from unknown sources, can compromise your entire production and cast doubt on the credibility of your message. Choose your music carefully and ensure more excitement and friendliness for your video. Great trails guarantee memorable movies and you should always keep that in mind. Choose your music for videos carefully and succeed with your productions. If you still have questions about other steps in video production, such as filming or editing, feel free to browse our articles and materials. It sure has a lot of content that can help you.

Since the days of silent cinema, the soundtrack has made the audience understand the story to be told without having to resort to other explanations from directors or authors. With the advent of spoken cinema, music has become more important, supporting the development of the plot, creating the mood for the characters and thrilling the audience.

Therefore, the soundtrack is highlighted in any audiovisual production, and consequently, it should be featured in your video. Often the track stays in memory for a long time, and when you hear those chords again, anyone remembers the movie or program.

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