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  • August 26, 2019

How to Find a Place for Indoor Playground

Finding the right location plays a critical role for the success of the playground. Having an indoor playground, experts can advise you on the right location for you. Feel free to call ahead of time to advice on this aspect. Now you can click here and find the perfection in the whole process.

Some important elements:

  • Be close to a school or kindergarten with many children
  • It should be preferably in the block area
  • In a location with high traffic (mall, supermarket, etc.)

The space must be bright, with a large opening, preferably not having interior pillars and not giving the idea of ​​an apartment. Not having bad reputation for children or parents with children in the area like night club, low level bar.

The design of the playground

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At this stage it is important to establish the location of the equipment chosen in the allocated area. Expert recommends that you take into account the safety zones of each equipment. To prevent and avoid accidents, it is forbidden to overlap these areas. The existence of furniture elements on these surfaces is also forbidden.

If equipment for different age groups is provided in the future playground, we recommend that you group them so that user flows intersect as little as possible. In case the design of the playground requires changes, together with the technical team we will provide the appropriate adaptation, so that the play equipment meets the safety standards in force. The consulting and sketch of the playground is offered by us for free. Do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

Budget planning for a playground

Budgeting a playground is the first step in the process and is certainly the most important step. The costs associated with each playground project vary depending on several factors. Below are some key elements that you should consider when planning your playground budget. The main factors that influence the choice of equipment are:

  • The age groups that will use the play equipment,
  • The size of the space you want to allocate to the playground layout,
  • The number of children you want to host. Ideally, play equipment should address children’s needs and expectations,
  • The types of activities you want to promote more slides, climbing elements, etc.,
  • The type of equipment to be chosen,

Below are some key equipment for which you can opt for the complete layout of the playground and the elements characteristic to each one.

Professional inflatable:

  • Small investment and accelerated depreciation,
  • Easy to handle and move (2 minutes swelling and 3-4 minutes deflation),
  • Low accident risk,
  • Easy to redeem when you want to change the equipment in the playground,

The modular playground:

  • Structuring activities on several levels, thus saving space,
  • Can accommodate more children,
  • It can be endowed with numerous and diverse activities,

Play-station Move: Interactive games

Although parents are usually against video games, these games encourage movement due to sensors that help the player simulate dynamic games such as tennis, boxing, handball, bowling, etc. through real movement.

Please find the links to the catalogs below:

  • Modular mazes
  • Inflatable equipment
  • Eye play concept

Experts suggest that you consider the costs that may arise during the lifetime of the playground. In addition to the costs of purchasing the play, transport and installation equipment, inspection, maintenance, repair costs may arise for both the play equipment and the surface of the playground security perimeter.

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