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  • February 13, 2020

Have the Right Options for the Best Specialist for Selling Houses

It is best to change the offer only when there are reasonable grounds for doing so. It is not worth doing it too often, and certainly, you should not change the conditions and arrangements made with the potential buyer of the property for no apparent reason. From the My Conveyancing Specialist you will have the best choices now.

Consultations with the intermediary who supports us can be very helpful and can advise you on what to change and what to stop with. Among other things, this is why it is so important to choose the right “Partner” to sell your property.

Hiding relevant information about the property

A common problem in contacts between the seller and the broker and potential buyers of real estate is withholding relevant information about the subject of the sale. Hidden information most often relates to the legal status of the property, its past and its technical condition.

It should be realized that sooner or later the truth will come out, and this, except for withdrawing from the transaction of the buyer side, may involve the necessity of financial liability, and in some cases also criminal liability.


My Conveyancing Specialist

Honest disclosure of defects in real estate will certainly not help us sell real estate faster and more expensive, but it will not expose us to trouble in the future when the buyer finds out the truth. It is not worth risking a suspected fraud, so let us give the agent and contractors all the documents and information we have, even if they seem to us of little importance. It is worth knowing that the broker involved in the sale, knowing the exact situation of the owner and real estate, may suggest a way out of a difficult situation. Very often it happens that sellers are not aware of the existence of such a way out.

Independent conducting of the process of selling indebted property often ends in the resignation of the buyer’s client from concluding the transaction. An experienced broker will safely deal with the transaction if it has been notified of all charges.

Currently, renting apartments in this country is extremely popular. According to statistics, it is estimated that about 17% of us decide on this step. A very large group of these people, as many as 25% are natural persons, mainly young up to 35 years old. Renting an apartment provides them with independence at a much lower cost than buying an expensive apartment. Before making a decision, it is worth remembering to carefully review the contract and discuss any inaccuracies with the owner of the apartment. What do we need to pay attention to?

Ad verification

As you know, ads for renting an apartment, posted on the Internet, can be varied. Sometimes we can count on an extensive description, sometimes quite scanty, in which there is usually no room photography. It is worth remembering to pay attention to details. If someone does not give comprehensive information or does not show pictures, perhaps they do not want to inform about some defects in the apartment or less attractive interior design. At the beginning, we should respond primarily to ads that have been enriched with a comprehensive description and contain photographs. Then we will immediately know if we will like the apartment. The next step is to verify the facts with photos and descriptions.

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