hard drive data recovery service
  • July 9, 2019

Hard disk crashed what now?

Hard disks are mechanical devices. This applies to both the external drive that you connect to your PC and the built-in drives. There are discs in the housing that look a bit like CD discs. These are read by a header. Compare that head with the needle of a record player from the past. The head and the discs can break, for example, due to frequent bumping. The hard disk has crashed. But often it is still possible to retrieve data from the disk. And a whole new computer is not always necessary either. If the rest still works well, you can have a new hard disk installed. For the hard drive data recovery service this is important.


But first of all: prevention is better than cure. Therefore always make a backup of your important data and precious photos. If you have a backup of all the digital information that is important to you, a crash cannot actually affect you. On our site, you will find many articles and tips about making backups.

Recovery options

So make a backup. Afterwards, you never have to worry about recovery options for which the chance of success is unclear. But if it is necessary to retrieve data from a crashed hard disk: you cannot do this yourself. In the event of a hard drive crash (internal or external), the drive is physically broken. But experts can still retrieve data from a disk in such a case. That is, of course, not free. One of the companies specialized in data recovery is Digirec Data Recovery. They work with ‘no cure no pay’, so you only pay if they manage to save data from your disk.

Restoring hard drives implies a drive to a state that allows you to read the necessary information from them. Repair in cases where data recovery is not required, we do not do.

Recovering hard drives with unreadable sectors

As a rule, if the disk is not periodically checked for bad blocks, their appearance is manifested in reading errors and the disappearance of folder files. Can be displayed as unformatted or disappear logical drives, the operating system stops loading.

Recovery of hard disks in the presence of unreadable sectors is carried out using the software-hardware complex Data Extractor. This complex allows you to work with disks in technological modes, to carry out multiple reading of sectors and reading ignoring the control and cyclic code. Using these operations, in many cases, it is possible to read information from a significant part of bad sectors.

In the case when unreadable sectors are in the area of ​​the partition table or service information of the file system, prior copying is required to the working media. Then the data recovery is the same as in the case of a working hard drive.

Recovering hard drives for violations in ROM or service area

hard drive data recovery service

The disk is not detected in the BIOS or is determined incorrectly. There are cases when the media is detected correctly, but upon further loading, the BIOS produces an error. Hard disk recovery, in this case, consists in restoring the HDD service zone or ROM data. These works are carried out at the stand, in technological modes of operation of the drives. After that, data recovery takes place as usual.

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