• August 10, 2019

Greater Opportunities for the October Halloween Time

If your child’s birthday happens in the last weeks of October, the perfect idea is to organize a Halloween birthday party. Skeletons, zombies, ghosts, pumpkins and many sweets will be absolute protagonists of an unforgettable and certainly original party with halloweenmaskrt.com .

The first piece of advice we want to give you is to check carefully whether children are the right age to have fun at a Halloween party or if they are not too small.


A Halloween themed party can be fun for children who are at least 6/7 years old, otherwise you run the risk of finding yourself a handful of crying and terrified children who just want to leave.

Kids decorating home for Halloween

  • Halloween decoration ideas to do with children to transform a living room into a haunted house and surprise our guests.
  • Having said that, let’s see how to organize a nice Halloween theme party.

Invitations for a Halloween party

Invitations, like everything else, must be on the subject and therefore decidedly monstrous. Orange cards or blacks with pumpkins and ghosts are perfect. Invitations can be made with the help of children who can have fun creating a themed design, or a thrilling ticket where all the details of the party are shown.

It is important to indicate the name of the person celebrated, date and place of the party and above all to be dressed in a very original and scary way.

Where to organize the Halloween party

Where to organize the Halloween birthday party? If you invite few children you can certainly decide to organize it at home, as long as there is a room large enough for children to play and organize entertainment and final pot.

  • If children are more than 10, it is better to opt for a venue that organizes children’s parties. Useful recommendation: book in advance because the dates close to Halloween are reserved immediately for class parties.
  • When you arrive at the place where the Halloween party was organized, it is very important that the setting is adequate and the atmosphere gives you the creeps.
  • Black or orange tablecloths, real pumpkins for decoration, festoons with skeletons and ghosts, orange and black balloons and zombies hanging on the walls.

Games ideas for a Halloween party

The games to do at the Halloween party are many and all quite original. Here are three.

Mummy game: the guests have to cover the celebrated with toilet paper until it becomes a mummy

Apple fishing: the most traditional of Halloween games. In a large basin some apples are put and the children, divided into teams, must take them with their mouth, keeping their hands behind their backs

Catch the vampire: a vampire lies on the ground and is sleeping. When the light rises the vampire starts running trying to catch the others.

The pignatta: there is no Halloween without a pumpkin-shaped pot or giant spider that the children have to break to be flooded with a cascade of sweets and candies.

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