destiny 2 flawless carry
  • March 16, 2020

Flawless Games for the Destiny 2

According to the elements, in turn, subclasses, weapons, enemy shields, etc. are divided. This knowledge will come in handy to deal with powerful enemies. Many of them have an aura of different colors for its effective removal you need to use the weapons and abilities of this elemental. For destiny 2 flawless carry this is important.

destiny 2 flawless carry


We talked more about weapons in Destiny 2 in this guide. You need to remember that there are 3 types of weapons in the game:

  • Kinetic (first slot): a weapon without elemental damage, which serves solely to inflict major attacks on enemies.
  • Energy (second slot): the same weapon, only it can already have elemental damage.
  • Power (third slot): a heavy weapon with elemental damage, which is capable of dealing a lot of damage.


Weapons and things in the game are separated by color:

  • Simple objects are white.
  • Unusual – green.
  • Rare – blue.
  • Legendary – purple.
  • Exotic – Golden.

The damage done, the number of perks, as well as the allowable level of pumping depends on this characteristic. On the 20th level, you will have the opportunity to fully equip purple items. As for exotic items, then you can be wearing only one thing and one weapon of this rarity.

Game activity

First of all, go through the storyline. This will allow you to get comfortable in the game, pump, open new locations. Then proceed to the secondary tasks and activities:

  • Adventures
  • Patrols
  • Raids
  • Public events.
  • Lost sectors.
  • Crucible
  • Raids

In order not to get confused in these events, in the orbit map mode on the left there is a special menu Boundaries. It shows what activity is available to you and what will await you as a reward. Every week, the process of all Frontiers is updated.

Team play

For the most part, Destiny 2 is a cooperative game where you have to interact with other Sentinels. Many activities can take place alone. However, high-level raids or raids imply the presence of a team. If there are no Destiny players among your friends, then they can be found using the Clans. You will be waiting not only for help and support but also additional rewards.

What is Gambit Prime in Destiny 2 and how to play it?

This mode is still the same Gambit known to us, with similar mechanics and the principle of the game. To win the competition, you have to collect particles to call the Primeval (boss) and kill him faster than the enemy team.

The main differences between Prime and the standard Gambit are as follows:

  • Now the winner is determined by the results of one round, not three.
  • The maximum number of particles increased to 100, where a portal opens every 25.
  • In this mode there is no timer: if the game is too long, the players receive a notification about the end of the game in 30 seconds and the one with the boss who has fewer health wins.
  • If at least 2 blockers are on your side, particles will be deducted from your bank. Therefore, they must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Now in Gambit Prime roles have appeared in the team each is supported by unique perks as well as some changes related to killing the boss.

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