What are discount codes and how can they bring in more customers

  • May 13, 2020

Brands are competing with each other to be the best. Today we have so many businesses that are giving us the same service. To attract the customers every day something new is offered by the brands so that they can call more and more customers. Any business can be a big success if it knows how to attract its customers. This can be a bit hard job though as there are so many brands in the competition. That’s why brands are coming up with something new every day that can draw the attention of the public. One such thing is the discount code. We are sure you haven’t heard about it for the first time as we all know what discount codes are.

Discount codes are the publicly released codes that are offered to the customers in the form of purchasing incentives. These codes can reduce the prices of the product bought by the customer.

Discounted products are preferred by everyone. Let’s just agree that we all love to spend less on everything and discount codes are giving us the opportunity to do so. That’s why people like to use discount codes and it also makes sure that customers get back to the business. For example, CUVVA has been using CUVVA discount codes to bring in more customers for insurance as the discount code will attract its potential customers. These are best for every e-commerce store to attract more online shoppers as there are so many of them. Do we need to tell you that the internet is dominating the world and online shopping has become the biggest hit so far?

If you are a business and want to get more leads and sales then it is really important that you target the online audience. The Internet is a place where billions of people are spending their time hence it is important to provide discount codes to the people who are online. Providing discount code to people is not a hard task. Be it online customers or offline, discount codes can be spread easily in many ways or forms, and below are some of the ways that can really help you to offer discount codes to the public.

Percent Discount:  Just as the name suggests, percent discounts give a flat percentage off on the complete price of the order of the customer. The percentage only includes the total amount of the order and not taxes or shipping charges. We all find opportunities to grab this discount. This is the best type of discount one could ever get as it helps to get a lot of attention to the brand.

Free Shipping: Many people hate paying for shipping fees. The reason is sometimes people have to buy extra for free shipping or sometimes free shipping is actually double the price of the total amount. In any way, shipping charges suck. These discounts are best for people who hate to pay for shipping fees as this discount deducts all the shipping fees from your order. This discount can be exclusive to some areas also.

Fixed Dollar Discount: This provides some fixed amount of discount on your order and the minimum amount of the order will also be mentioned below which the discount won’t work but if the amount of the purchase is above the mentioned amount then the discount will be applicable. For example, if Bravissimo is offering a $10 discount at the purchase of $50 then you have to buy something more than or equal to the given amount to get $10 off. But if you are buying something less than that, then sorry, no discount.

Offer discount codes for a limited period of time

The brand has to offer a discount card for some time only. Discount cards cannot work forever. There are two things that are involved in this matter and those are:

Time Frame: Discount codes can only work up to a certain time which is mentioned by the company which is offering you that. For example, you can use the discount cards within a period of two months, four weeks, or even by the end of the current month, they are offered in. It can also be the case that for every shopping site, the time can differ. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of the discount cards. Just like if stockings hq will provide any discount code, the time of validation will be decided by the brand itself.

Limited Availability: The number of codes offered depends on the type of promotion. In case discounts that are offered to you apply to only one product, in particular, the quantity must be tied to inventory. When it comes to store-wide codes, the main goal is often to promote the e-commerce brand in which, the more a discount code is used, the better.

How You Can Build an Effective Discount Program

This step is really important as it deals with the actual collection of the codes. You can place a link at the point of checkout so that your customers can click and receive a discount code which can help them to get a discount on the purchase. That link will direct the customer to the discounted section. You can also provide a link to your website where the consumers can print a coupon offering additional savings. You should make people aware of the availability of the discount code and the best way to do it is by spreading the information through various platforms like websites, social media, etc. Let’s take an example: the company Skinhub might have links of Skinhub codes on its various social media platforms where people would be able to use them.

We hope that you understood how important it is to provide discount codes and how you, as a business, should be providing it. Some websites are just amazing and one example would be Xpanded tv. They can attract their customers easily but still provide exciting offers to move ahead of their competitors. The only reason is to get more and more customers.

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