Is Undergoing a C-Tuck a Good Idea?

  • September 6, 2019

Most of the women experience several body changes after childbirth or post-pregnancy. Childbirth through normal surgery or cesarean imposes various effects that are due to severe stress. As a result, post-pregnancy gets combined with some crucial factors such as breastfeeding that can turn the entire shape of the body. In this article we will highlight some crucial benefits that describe the effectiveness of Tummy tuck surgery or procedure

Due to social media influence, several moms decide to go for a tummy tuck surgery on their cesarean area of the body i.e. Abdomen,

What do you mean by C-Tuck?

Typically, C-tuck is defined as the combination of a caesarian section and tummy tuck treatment. It is used to eliminate the extra fat cells on the skin and help in tightening the loose abdominal muscles. Various patients called this treatment the best option because it effectively examines post-pregnancy problems. In addition to this, C-tuck has less recovery as well as healing time after two surgeries.

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Is Undergoing a C-Tuck is good for you?

Deciding or undergoing a C-tuck surgery is a perfect idea but some of the professional plastic surgeons do not suggest immediate tummy tuck process. The reason behind that after post-pregnancy, a women’s body has experienced several changes from pregnancy to childbirth.

Here are some tactful reasons why professional surgeons do not advice for a tummy tuck surgery just after C-section:

  • Less Outcome

As we all know that the prime objective of tummy tuck treatment is to provide the best shape & appearance to the body. Many surgeons revealed that to achieve appropriate results, a patient must be at its peak health. If you go for a tummy tuck after your cesarean, then you may not have obtained the desired outcome of the surgery the reason is described above.

  • Recovery time is less

Both tummy tuck and C-section are main surgeries. If you combine the two surgeries, it may lead to long recovery time and you may experience numerous restrictions in your day to day life. As recovery takes time, on the other hand, healing becomes more difficult.

  • Probability of Riskfactors

It has been proved that moms undergoing a tummy tuck procedure may suffer from various complications that may reduce the recovery & healing time.

Following are some of the complications that may arise after C-tuck treatment:

  • Blood loss
  • Blood clot formation
  • Severe infection
  • Slow recovery time
  • Increased swelling
  • Excessive scarring

What are the Powerful Advantages of Post pregnancy Tummy Tuck Surgery?

There is no doubt that the tummy tuck process is one of the topmost plastic surgical treatment for women for regaining their natural & aesthetic look. It can produce satisfactory results when a patient consumes a proper diet and maintain it by doing exercises.

Here is a list of the benefits of C section Tummy Tuck:

  • Re-developing of shaping your pre-pregnancy body
  • Eliminate scar tissues and unnecessary stretch marks from C-section
  • Removal of excessive fat or skin from the body
  • Makes your waist & midsection more toned
  • Tighten the loose abdominal muscles
  • Improvement in the Positioning or Posture
  • Boost up your self-confidence & esteem

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